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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The big picture, part 1, Time

We want it and we want it now!

Pity cycling advocacy rarely works like that. Getting better facilities often takes time. This may be because of long project timelines, or simply to advocate to others and convince them to help or come to a compromise. This means plugging away gathering facts, writing submissions, going to meetings or just chatting to residents, other cyclists and officials of various flavours.

Some current examples

Beach Road

This has been a dog of a project. Councillors who don't appear to be able to come to a firm decision, even if you laid them end to end. A vocal group of local residents who argue for the status quo on lane widths, arguing alleged safety for cyclists. Potential loss of vegetation alarms the greenies. It all adds up to delay, delay delay. This looks as though it may still mean a long slog to actually get the trail installed.

The Chain of Parks

All those ex tips and landfills are ending their current use and will eventually become open spaces. Unfortunately rehabilitation of the land takes 20 years or more before it can be re utilised. The long game on this one will be to get in at the ground level to get bicycle access corridors identified and formally installed into Council's long term plans. Step 2 will be to actually get shared paths designed. Step 3 is the really long part: installation as the land becomes available. All this eventually becoming an integrated trail network covering a large area.

LXRA rail crossing removals

This one is not too bad, with a timeline of a couple of years or so.  Attending public meetings with LXRA and putting our case. Writing submissions to City of Kingston, integrating cycling into their activity centre plans. It all looks good at this stage, with it all progressing smoothly. I love it when a plan comes together. Watch this space.

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