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Monday, 6 November 2017

LXRA: The southern Stations

Edithvale, Bonbeach and Carrum

This is a fine mess....

To go up or down, that is the question. From a cycling perspective, I'm not fussed which option is chosen. However, each option poses a different scenario for bike planning.  

To raise the rail has had local residents alarmed about the loss of amenity.

And so LXRA have announced the political avenue of least resistance that  Edithvale and Bonbeach  stations are going below ground. That's all and good, but the fly in this ointment is the groundwater levels across the rail alignment. In some cases it's less than a metre below ground level.

There is the issue of drainage for the wetlands and buildings on the inland side of the trench. Blocking the natural flow of water reportedly causes the raising of the water table of the wetlands causing salinity and problems with buildings along the corridor.

The mooted solution is to have pumps, which require funds, power and maintenance to operate. Let's see if this idea has legs and can be implemented. If not, then up the rail may go. 

From a cycling planning perspective it's a matter of having a both a plan A and B ready to submit on a hair trigger.

The State government will have it's work cut out for it no matter which option is eventually implemented. Proponents for and against each option will cause headaches for the government, with the press happy to fan the flames of controversy. Who wants to go into politics now?

Carrum station.

Skyrail is the option announced for this site. This is good news for cyclists. 

We get: 
  • The continuation of Station Street all the way to Eel Race Road.
  • A simple cross road at McLeod Road instead of the horrid dogleg crossing by the station.
  • Easy access to the shops on Nepean Highway.
We will need to advocate carefully in relation to Station Street through the existing shops. The existing road width may cause a squeeze point for us with the cycling hazard that goes with it. Attention to installing a bicycle lane and conflict with car parking will need some thought.

The existing dogleg level crossing at Carrum.

Parking at the shopping centre Carrum. Note the parking configuration.

Eel Race Road
The proposed removal of this crossing is all good news for cyclists, with a quieter and safer route to Seaford. This includes cyclist and pedestrian access to Nepean Highway.

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