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Monday, 6 November 2017

LXRA, City of Kingston comment on Frankston line stations and shopping centres

Cheltenham and Mentone

With the new new stations and surrounds being designed and installed, KBUG has been busy working with LXRA and City of Kingston to get the best outcome for cyclists and pedestrians. LXRA actually requested a report from us with opportunities, barriers and preferred routes asked for at Cheltenham and Mentone stations.

There is the opportunity for a continuous cycling route along the rail corridor from Southland to Mentone (with future links south and north). Some sections already exist and only need upgrading to appropriate shared route standards and linking together. Both LXRA and CoK seem keen on the idea and only seem to need encouragement.

The railway looking south to Cheltenham Station. Note the existing path.

The existing car park on the west side of Cheltenham Station is planned to become a shared pathway.

Long and short term bike parking and easy access are a given. Again only a gentle nudge needed here.

Several years ago CoK had developed structure plans for some of our major shopping centres around stations. With the new stations being installed I had a chat with councillors to suggest an update, which they have picked up on. With the installation of the new stations they needed tweaking to account for the new interfaces. KBUG has now taken the opportunity to comment for the new high density living and the best way to integrate a car free lifesyle into local living, shopping and transport.

I'll write an update on the other stations further south separately, as they have different challenges.

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