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Friday, 10 November 2017

A bit of local bike history. Melbourne suburbs, the BBTC and BUGS.

 Why does the BBTC not correlate to the City of Bayside and what do BUGS have to do with it?

The original Bayside Bicycle Touring Club (BBTC) was created in the early 1970’s in what was then the City of Sandringham and based at the shopping centre. “Bayside” referred to the suburbs beside Port Phillip Bay. Mal was their treasurer: more on this later. It was not discontinued, but went into recess when the club lost its way. Ex racing cyclists did not wait for slower riders and it became more of a social club. 

Following council amalgamations in the mid 1990’s, the Cities of Bayside and Kingston (among others) were created. Before Kingston was created we had separate Cities that included, Moorabbin, Mordialloc, Parkdale, Aspendale, Etc. The City of Bayside was the result of Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock Etc. being amalgamated.

Before the City of Kingston was the Moorabbin Bicycle Users Group, (MBUG). It originally was a combination advocacy and riding group. It included parts of what is now in the City of Glen Eira. Some of our members lived there. The old BUG ceased to exist and we lost contact with all our old friends. A new Kingston BUG (KBUG) was created. It did not include our old cycling friends: they were in Glen Eira.

I mentioned how disappointed I was to Mal at his bike shop one day in 1998. We needed a regional riding group with all our old friends irrespective of new council boundaries. He gave me a funny look and disappeared out to the workshop. He returned with the bank books for the original BBTC. It still had funds available. With Mal’s help we contacted the old signatories and got their permission to hold an extraordinary general meeting and elect a new Committee of Management. The new BBTC was born. It was created with the core principles of support for newbies and a more relaxed riding style. No one is left behind on a BBTC ride: we have a tail end Charlie, who forms the very back of the ride and supports any who have difficulty.

The Kingston BUG still exists, purely as an advocacy group: rides are now the province of the BBTC. 

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